“It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”: Not just your home, but your life.

Every once in a while, I read a book that changes my life.  The Nesting Place is one of them. I put it on par with the film “He’s Just Not That Into You“, which completely and in one fell swoop changed my thinking about relationships (or potential ones).  (I will have to write a […]

Day 54 [Beauty]: Clearance Flowers

The last few months, since my local Tescos has opened almost next door to me, I’ve been sharing on Facebook many of the brilliant ‘deals’ I’ve gotten. Shortcut pastry for 5p, a bag of potatoes for 10p, broccoli for 1p, an entire roast turkey for £2. I’ve made some amazing meals for mere pocket change, […]

Day 53: The Beauty of Hallelujah

The song ‘Hallelujah’ is very high on the list of songs that I love to listen to. The music is sad, and deep, and utterly beautiful, with harmony that draws you in, melts you down, and breaks your heart a little. Sometimes I think the most beautiful things break you a bit. On this earth […]

Day 52: The Beauty Of Rilla

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, The Beauty of Anne, one of the book series I’ve read more times than I can possibly count is the Anne of Green Gables series. Most people I know have read the first, and maybe the second one, but not everyone knows that there are 8 in the series, […]

Day 51: The Beauty of Anne

Tonight I discovered the Anne of Green Gables audiobook on Youtube, and began listening to it.  The ‘Anne’ books comprise one of my favourite series of any I’ve ever read.  As a series that walk you through a young girl’s life from early days to later life, I find that I enjoy them in new […]

Day 50 (Beauty): A Tribute To My Sister

It’s my little sister’s birthday today. I still speak of her as my little sister, and she resignedly says that we will all be calling her ‘the baby’ even when she’s eighty years old. I imagine that the only reason that may not be true is that some of us won’t be around to call […]

Day 48 (Beauty): Wander On

“Night of stars, and night of love, Fall gently o’er the waters, Heav’n around below, above, No more we’ll heed the shore! Floating thus in silver light, Sing on! Oh earth’s fair daughters Love had ne’er an hour so bright, In fabled days of yore. The cadenc’d oar will rhyme To the measure we sing, […]

Day 49: The Beauty Of The Daily

Today I was listening to ‘Settin’ Up The Pins’ by Sarah Groves, and thinking on the truth of the words.  Because some days feel like that’s all I’m doing – setting up the pins just to knock them down again.  Get up, get dressed, make coffee, drink coffee, only to have to wash the cafetiere, […]

Day 47: The Beauty Of Writing Letters

Today I got an actual, handwritten letter from a friend of mine in Northern Ireland.  How I miss writing and receiving letters.  I have embraced the new digital age with open arms – but I’m vintage at heart, and anything with ancient beauty strikes a lovely chord in me, and the echoes settle into my […]

Day 46: The Beauty Of Coming Home

Today I arrived home after being away for almost two months.  It’s the longest I’ve ever been away from Scotland, and yet thanks to the miracles of technology, I hardly felt I had been away.  I’d seen photos of the hurricane-force winds, kept up on relationship changes via Facebook, and gotten text messages and emails […]