Never Apologise For Your Tears.

I watched the ALS Video of the man who, at 26, has been diagnosed with this debilitating disease. I’ve been one of those people who was sick of the ice bucket challenge, and didn’t want to watch another video. But i watched this one, because it shows the reality of ALS, not just an ice […]

“It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”: Not just your home, but your life.

Every once in a while, I read a book that changes my life.  The Nesting Place is one of them. I put it on par with the film “He’s Just Not That Into You“, which completely and in one fell swoop changed my thinking about relationships (or potential ones).  (I will have to write a […]

Day 43 (Beauty): Pirate Dave

He captured my artistic interest in a moment. My sister was talking to three men on a side street, almost an alleyway, as the sun was fading.  I was sent to tell her it was time to be leaving.  I was completely the wrong person to send, since within a moment I was shaking hands, […]

Day 41 (Beauty): City Streets And Fairytale Castles

Today I was in Los Angeles, California as part of an RP Missions team and a youth conference at the LA RP Church.  During the midst of a very full weekend, I found myself with a quiet half hour and some time to go for a walk. I took a chance on going up the […]

Day 39 (Beauty): Rest, Down To My Soul

I felt the rest down to my soul last night.  Six days with no phone, no internet, nothing besides the people immediately around me.  Good food, much sleep, reading for hours, crackling fires, sparkling stars, deep talks, no talks, some weeping, some laughing, some joy, some pain…and beauty and silence anytime I want them.  I […]

Day 38: Beauty From Sorrow

It’s Christmas Day.  There is great beauty in Christmas, and I love the whole season…but the day itself can be a bit of a let-down, sometimes.  Today was one of those days.  My mum wasn’t well, and my own health wasn’t good, and I was running late for church, and various other things conspired together […]

Happy Christmas!

None of this generic, catch-all-and-bless-none ‘holiday’ stuff for me. Happy CHRISTMAS!! I’m a firm believer that it is only through Christ Himself I can do all the amazing things I’ve done this year. May you have a restful, beautiful Christmas holiday, and I look forward to sharing more beauty with you in 2012. Click here, […]

Day 34: Knowing Your Own Beauty

This week I did a photoshoot for a family in Beaver Falls, and naturally capturing the children was the most challenging and the most fun part of the shoot.  They were full of energy and enthusiasm and joy and fun…and a half an hour later they were dragging and weary and tired and wanting to […]

Day 30: Fairy Tale Beauty

Today I found a Cinderella shoe in a thrift store in Sedona.  It reminds me of the one from the film Ever After – one of my favourite renditions of the Cinderella story ever, because it merges beauty and fairy tale and handsome princes and the creativity of Leondardo daVinci, and a shoe that to […]

Day 29: Beauty That Leads To Rest

I stayed for a few days at my dad’s ‘ranch’ up in Sedona.  This place is a place of real rest, the kind that sinks in to the soul the moment you arrive.  I pondered what it was, why turning off the main road down a little winding one that brings you into a quiet […]