Day 36: Vintage Beauty

There’s something about vintage, about the old-fashioned that tugs at the heartstrings.  Today I did a photoshoot with friends in Philadelphia, and amongst our brainstorming we came up with an old trolley, 1920’s outfits, silent black-and-white film imaging including a chalkboard and chalk, and one very beautiful girl and a strong handsome man. What more […]

Day 35: Engagement Ring Beauty

I love engagement rings.  They’re beautiful for so many reasons:  their fragile, intricate designs; the unique nature of each one; the promise they hold; the sense of hopes achieved; and the beauty of sheer joy that comes out in the smile of the girl wearing it. I’ve taken a few photos of engagement rings in […]

Day 33: Beauty Of Going Back

“You can never go back,” they say. Back to childhood, back to an old home, back to live with your parents, back in time. Sometimes, though, there is a momentary, fleeting beauty when you go back, just for a minute.  I did an engagement shoot today on the campus of Geneva College, and there’s a […]