Day 44: The Beauty Of An Early Morning Walk

To be honest, my walk wasn’t all that early.  I didn’t wake up at 4 or 5am and creep out to walk until the sun came up.  (Actually, I think I did wake up at 5am, and crept right back under the covers!) The sun takes its time in the winter, so it woke me […]

History, Bridges, and Cider

A few weeks ago I made it to South Queensferry – a town I’ve always wanted to visit but hadn’t yet managed to. On one of the few Saturdays I get all to myself, I took a little trip there and spent most of the afternoon and early evening ‘dandering’ around. It’s an excellent town […]

Day 23: The Beauty of London

I love London. I always have, since the first time I visited it, tired and footsore and riding around on the top of a double-decker red bus even though it was cold and grey and windy and raining hard. I love the magic and mystery of it, the old-world beauty, the coming-to-life of Dickens and […]

Light In Cyprus

In honour of my new website, I thought I’d begin with a little light from one of my favourite countries, Cyprus.  I spent a month there this summer, taking photos of weddings, landscapes, churches, and people…my camera was constantly in my hand!  I particularly love the light in Cyprus – there’s just so much of […]