Day 44: The Beauty Of An Early Morning Walk

To be honest, my walk wasn’t all that early.  I didn’t wake up at 4 or 5am and creep out to walk until the sun came up.  (Actually, I think I did wake up at 5am, and crept right back under the covers!) The sun takes its time in the winter, so it woke me (through windows with no curtains) at about half past seven.  But once I was up, I dandered along, enjoying the peaceful quiet of the desert, the various cacti stretching their arms up to a morning sky, the sun making up for lost time by shining with as much intensity as it could muster. There were no cars to speak of, and the stillness did settle into the soul and the mind.

I love the way the shadows lengthen, stretch, and make everything longer and thinner and more startling. In the desert, this is always so much more noticeable because of the varied wide open spaces. There’s so much room for the shadows to stretch and breathe – in the city they are constantly cut off by another building, a car park, other harsh lines. Here, the shadows are greater than what they reflect, and yet in the early morning light do not loom, but reach and extend.

On the way back, I stopped at a fence to watch a horse graze…quite a peaceful feeling. He turned and looked at me, but didn’t find me half as interesting as I found him. I was passed by a committed runner, to whom I said good morning, and carried on with my walk.

I invite you to take a moment to enjoy an early morning walk in Tucson, Arizona, no matter where and when you are.

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