Day 54 [Beauty]: Clearance Flowers

Reyburn Photography IMG_6220The last few months, since my local Tescos has opened almost next door to me, I’ve been sharing on Facebook many of the brilliant ‘deals’ I’ve gotten. Shortcut pastry for 5p, a bag of potatoes for 10p, broccoli for 1p, an entire roast turkey for £2. I’ve made some amazing meals for mere pocket change, so that now when I find a penny on the ground, it’s not just a wee coin, it could be a meal , or part of one. I’m in a place where I’m starting a new business that is exciting and going very well, but as always it’s a slow beginning, so every savings matters.

But last night I had a very special clearance item – two bunches of beautiful flowers, for 10p each.  I’ve gotten some clearance flowers before, but it would be 10p or 20p for a few carnations, or perhaps one wilted rose.  This time it was a plethora of beauty, so that I wondered if perhaps the one marking clearances had mixed something up.  The roses were still beautiful, the lilies coming out in a glorious show of pink and yellow, and filling the air with their fragrance.  I love the way lilies change the whole atmosphere of my house.

On days like this I feel like God has given me a little gift Himself.  I know all good things come from Him, and the fact that I have food and clothing and a house and a car and energy to work and all of those things are His provision, but at times He likes to come in and do something that feels like a flesh and blood friend.  I love getting flowers.  Roses and lilies and carnations and baby’s breath and sunflowers brighten up my house, my outlook, my life.  I love the fact that they’re transitory, too – it reminds me that in this life, all the beauty we enjoy will only last so long, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fill up on the joy in the moment.  Right now, the blushing pink roses and fragrant lilies are sharing their beauty with me while I write blog posts, and listen to new music, and drink tea, and take photographs.  The very fact that they won’t be here this time next week helps me take the opportunity to enjoy them even more.  Now is the time. Today is the day.  Here is the beauty.

Sometimes a friend comes by with flowers, and brings a little cheer into my life.  This day the flowers came to me in a grocery store, in a clearance section, left undesired by everyone else rushing past.  I’m thankful today for a little extra beauty that I didn’t expect.

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  1. April 27, 2012

    How wonderful! Definitely a special gift!!!! Glad you found them.

  2. May 25, 2012

    Lovely! Thanks for sharing. :)


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