Free 8×10 print to my supportive and believing fans! (This one is true.)

reyburn photography downton abbeyYesterday, on the 1st of April, I posted that I had just been asked to do still photography for Downton Abbey series five.

Granted, there were a few people who immediately figured it was a joke, but I was actually pretty honoured by the many people who not only immediately believed it, but congratulated me and got all excited and sent me text messages! I felt like it was actually quite a possible thing by the end of the day myself! :)

Normally, at this time on the 2nd of April, everyone who got “taken in” on an April Fool’s feels…well, a bit of a fool.  But I don’t think you should feel that way.

A gift for the believers!

So, to those who commented specifically on my Facebook page, or contacted me directly with an obvious “oh my goodness this is so exciting” kind of post or message, I’d like to give a free 8×10 print of any of my landscape photographs.

Unfortunately, if you did believe me but didn’t send a post or message, I’m not going to get into the complicated process of back-orders.  But you can believe me next year!

Here’s how to get it

To those who wrote me, I’ll drop each of you a note requesting your address, and you can either request a particular photograph, or something from a particular place (London, Scotland, the Highlands, Cyprus).  Or just say “surprise me”, and I’ll send you something nice.

Thank you for being amazing.

And who knows? Maybe one day it will be true!!

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