History, Bridges, and Cider

A few weeks ago I made it to South Queensferry – a town I’ve always wanted to visit but hadn’t yet managed to. On one of the few Saturdays I get all to myself, I took a little trip there and spent most of the afternoon and early evening ‘dandering’ around. It’s an excellent town for dandering – filled with little shops, cobbled streets, old-fashioned lampposts, old historic inns, and two bridges that span the Firth of Forth with remarkable beauty.

A friend had given me the tip that Hawes Inn, at the far end of the town, was used by the author Robert Louis Stevenson as a backdrop for his novel Kidnapped, and also as a place for much of his writing. So after much dandering, I stopped in for a bowl of hot soup and a glass of hot spiced cider. Absolutely perfect for a clear, cold day – and an inspiring and beautiful place to be. I wished I’d brought my writing materials, but decided to simply enjoy the meal and the drink and the ambiance.

And now I will share them all with you.

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