Light In Cyprus

In honour of my new website, I thought I’d begin with a little light from one of my favourite countries, Cyprus.  I spent a month there this summer, taking photos of weddings, landscapes, churches, and people…my camera was constantly in my hand!  I particularly love the light in Cyprus – there’s just so much of it! The sun shines down with great enthusiasm (some would say too much enthusiasm, but I live in Scotland, so I just soaked it in), and great intensity, and I’m learning to love shooting directly into the sun.  It brings out the actual rays, and shadows, and a little bit of the grace and glory.

Enjoy the light and grace of Cyprus.


  1. October 26, 2011

    The glowing balcony and cooing birds (I can almost hear them) display a great mixture of excitement and calm – like the ocean waves that always move but are never really in a hurry.

  2. November 1, 2011

    Great site, beautiful light, wonderful pictures!

    • November 1, 2011

      Thanks Becky!! It’s so exciting to share the light and the grace both!

  3. November 2, 2011

    Great photos Karen, particularly liked the courtyard one!. I off to book a holiday to Cyprus.


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